Spinal Tap.

I mean, really, I don't think there's anything more fun for me than pastiche. Making fun of a style of art is a real opportunity to open up people's minds to the strengths and weaknesses of their favorite artists. It's commentary, criticism, and parody all in one.

So, any time I get invited to take part in a fake band, I jump at the chance.

For instance, after producing a show called The Oedipus Chronicles, the playwright Scott Venters suggested we produce a full version of the faux Heavy-Metal song we made for the show. So, we did:

"Avoid Predestination" from The Oedipus Chronicles

Then, the project developed into a whole album's worth of material, with Scott and I (and other guests) reborn as Warriors of Fate.

"Dragonslayer" from Warriors of Fate
(guest vocals by Walter Shatley. Rick Wells is the voice of Odin)

"Fly with Angels" from Warriors of Fate
a power ballad with yours truly imitating the lead singer from Cinderella

My brother and I also have a special relationship. That is, we both relish and savor our disdain for much of modern music. This led to our forming a "group" called Up Front Flu-Z where we let 'em have it.

"Product" - our take on NuMetal and consumer culture  

"Wanna Be" - we sure took Hooty and the Blowfish down a peg or two!

"Alone Again" - Okay, so we like the Cure,
but I also like my Robert Smith impression.

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