So, once upon a time, I did a song - Elvis Sings Smells Like Teen Spirit.

Elvis Sings Smells Like Teen Spirit

...because of that, a guy in LA heard it and requested I do some spec work for a production of a Shakespeare show that was going to be set on a beach. He gave me free reign to come up with any version of La Mer (which is the song that eventually become the Bobby Darin hit "Beyond the Sea") - but it had to be in French.

So, I did three versions:

As Sergio Mendes and Brazil '66

As some sort of crazy Frenchman's wet dream

And a reggae mix

This after he had already requested I produce another version of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" but this time pretending I was John Carpenter (the director of Halloween and The Thing amongst other movies - almost all of them featuring music he wrote for them in a distinctive style)


That's it for now. Rest assured - there is going to be another Warriors of Fate album in the near future - and perhaps I might come up with some other wacky ideas to share in this space!