As a Technical Director, I'm usually called upon to set budgets and build scenery for a production. But there are some times when the call for scenery extends to the production of projections. For Manhattan Children's Theater, I've been called upon to do both (in addition to sound, and composition and music arrangement!). Here's a few pics from last season of sets I built for them:

Harry, the Dirty Dog - design by Andrea Steiner

If you Give a Pig a Party - design by Annie Arthur

Rikki Rikki Tavi - design by Cully Long

For their production of Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse, I created a series of video backdrops for the fantasy sequences. Here's one for two of Lilly's friends riding around the neighborhood, then imagining they're in China, New York, Africa, and finally Outer Space (music by me, as well):


I've also done the occasional graphics for shows, including logos and promotional material: